Above my sink, I have a pot of fresh chives growing. Chives are wonderful to snip in the morning and add them to my scrambled eggs or mix into my homemade ranch dip. I used to have basil, too, but it died. Even when faced every single morning with only inches between my kitchen faucet and plants that need care, I can forget to water them. Sad, but true.

A hydroponic system would fix my problem, and I’ve recently learned of one that would fit on my windowsill, look attractive, and grow my chives, basil and a few other herbs year round to use in my cooking.

The Modern Sprout hydroponic planter was created by Nick Behr and Sarah Burrows after they couldn’t find a system that fit their specific needs. When they searched for hydroponic systems for their home, the ones they found were complicated, difficult to assemble, expensive and unattractive.

Since they couldn’t find what they wanted, they created it, focusing on design and affordability first. As you can see from the photo above, the hydroponic system is completely hidden, and I think the design is simple and attractive. What you see above, though, is only a prototype. Funding is needed to put the planter into production. Once in production,  it will be available in chalkboard, rustic gray weathered pine, high-gloss white, or reclaimed wood finishes. Take a look at the story behind Modern Sprout and how this sustainable product works.

The Modern Sprout Kickstarter campaign began on April 10 and runs through May 15. It’s an all or nothing proposition. Modern Sprout needs to have its entire $60,000 goal met in pledges for the campaign to get funded. I’m impressed with the design and the possibilities for this windowsill hydroponic planter, so I thought I’d pass the information along.

If Modern Sprout reaches its goal, production can begin immediately after the funding has come through. Expected delivery is mid-July of this year.  

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Modern Sprout: Hydroponic windowsill box needs funding
A Kickstarter campaign is raising funds for a simple, stylish, sustainable windowsill box that will grow herbs, vegetables, fruits, flowers and more.