With all of the freaking out that people have been doing about the “Monsanto Protection Act,” the unofficial name of a rider that was anonymously added to the U.S. budget bill earlier this year that gives farmers the right to plant GMO crops even if the federal courts oppose it, people tend to forget the fact that the rider is short-lived, for now.

As Earth Matter’s blogger Russell McClendon pointed out, “It has a relatively short shelf life. Unless it’s renewed by Congress this year … the Monsanto Protection Act is slated to expire after six months, when the fiscal year ends on Sept. 30.”

Of course, it could also be renewed, so Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Oregon) is offering an amendment to the Senate Farm Bill, which began debate this week, that would repeal the rider known as the “Monsanto Protection Act.”

The Center for Food Safety is making it easy for you to let your senator know that you want the Merkley Amendment supported. From their website, you can add your name, email, and address to a letter that will make its way to your representatives in the Senate that says, among other things, “I urge you to support this amendment and repeal this dangerous biotech rider.”

I’ve already signed. Will you?

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'Monsanto Protection Act': Take action to get it repealed
Ask your representative to support the Merkley Amendment, which would repeal the 'Monsanto Protection Act.'