On her Prevention blog today, Robyn O’Brien pointed her readers to a video story by Bettina Seigel from The Lunch Tray. “Mr. Zee’s Apple Factory (A Tale of Processed Foods)” is a wonderful video with an illustrated story that teaches children about how processed foods are created, what goes into them, and how advertisers target children.

At the end of the video, Seigel says, “Children lack the intellectual ability to think critically about advertising, making them easy targets for marketers. I created this story to help young kids become a little savvier about the media messages they encounter and to get them thinking about healthful eating.” She also asks those who watch it to please share it, so I'm doing that.


Please share this video with children you know. Also, share it with anyone who has influence over children – parents, teachers, daycare workers. I think all children should get this message, don’t you?

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'Mr. Zee’s Apple Factory' teaches children about processed foods
Bettina Seigel’s illustrated story helps kids become a little savvier about the media messages they encounter.