Love Nicobella truffles -- but want more of a snack-friendly crunch? The organic, fair trade, vegan, and health conscious chocolate company's got you covered with its Munch line -- which offers nuttier, bite-sized chocolate snacks in handy to-go bags.

I've been a Munch fan for a while, but was reminded to write about them after tasting them again at the Women of the Green Generation event last weekend. My favorite Munch: The Maple-Nut Munch (top photo), a sea salty-sweet snack that combines the best of dark chocolate and maple syrup.

Coco-Nut Munch by Nicobella

The Coco-Nut Munch comes in a close second. These look like mini-scoops of melted Almond Joys -- though of course, the organic delights are made with high quality roasted almonds and toasted coconut, all held together with dreamy dark chocolate. The walnut-and-flax seed mix in the Mama Munch is delicious too -- and packed full of omega 3s.

Made with the same high-quality organic fair trade as the more sophisticated truffles, Nicobella's Munch snacks are perfect for the chocolate lover -- who doesn't want the less-than-healthy processed ingredients and weird preservatives found in conventional chocolate bars. In contrast, each Munch concoction's made with just a handful of organic ingredients.

Munch by Nicobella

Of course, organic doesn't mean totally guilt-free. Organic sugar, nuts, and seeds can still add up to a lot of calories -- and it'll take some serious willpower to close up the bag after a few of these. Each 2-ounce bag contains two servings -- about four pieces each -- which come to 177 calories. Buy individual bags for $5 each, or get the three-pack and try all the flavors for $12.

Munch on these organic choco-treats
Swap out those conventional candy bars for organic, vegan, and fair trade chocolate treats made by Nicobella.