I’ve gotten very selective about the products that I accept to review lately. The more mainstream green products become, the more bad ones there are out there. I don’t imagine I’ll ever turn down ChicoBag, however, when they ask if I’d like a sample of one of their products to review. I use everything they’ve ever sent me to review, and I’ve become a loyal customer — purchasing some of their products for myself or as gifts.

I carry a couple of their original bags with me, and people always comment on how clever they are. ChicoBaghas sent me three new products to review, and I like them all.

The first is the 2010 Holiday ChicoBag ($12.99). Available in red, blue or green, these bags can be used to wrap gifts, and then they become reusable shopping bags to be used all year long. The holiday bag is in the style of their Vita bag, and this video shows you how to use a Vita ChicoBag as a gift bag as well as other styles to wrap odd-shaped gifts. These are much more stylish and useful than those paper gift bags that rip or get damaged after one or two uses.

The next product they sent me got me more excited than it probably should have. It’s the ChicoBag Bottle Sling rePETe ($9.99) that has a pouch for an mp3 player or phone. When I go walking in warm weather, sometimes I don’t have any pockets to put my iPhone or a house key. With this little sling, I can put a house key at the bottom of the mp3 pocket, slip in my iPhone, and carry a water bottle with me. It could also carry a small wallet. My husband says it’s just a fanny pack in a different form and laughed at how great I thought it was, but I know I’ll get a lot of use out of it.

Finally, I was sent a Produce Stand Starter Kit ($15.99) that contains three different reusable produce bags — a Hemp/Cotton bag, a solid rePETe bag, and a mesh rePETe bag along with a little carry bag for the three of them. I have two cloth mesh produce bags that I currently use, and I’m glad to have a few different ones to add to my reusable bags. I know these bags will be used over and over at the farmers market and the grocery store.  

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

New ChicoBags are attractive and useful
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