Yesterday, it was the iPod and food podcasts. Today, it's the Nintendo DS and a food trainer. If you’ve ever wanted private cooking lessons, Nintendo has found a way to simulate that experience with their just released Personal Trainer: Cooking.

Here is the description from the website:
It features a DS Chef, your own private cooking instructor who talks you through 245+ recipes from more than 30 countries worldwide. It's a combination of interactive cookbook and live cooking demonstration that'll have you cooking like a pro, even if you've never lifted a ladle before.
  • You and the Chef will collaborate on a wide variety of recipes, with videos of techniques, explanations of ingredients and expert advice. With its innovative interface and the interactivity that only the DS can provide, it's a perfect learning tool for the budding chef.

  • As you browse recipes, just tap a box to mark ingredients you need to buy. The DS will automatically store them in your in-game shopping list. Later you can take your DS to the store and check off the ingredients as you put them in your cart.

  • Search for recipes by ingredients, calorie count, cooking time, difficulty and more.

  • Hands covered in batter? Keep your DS clean using voice commands to continue to the next page, repeat a step, go back and more.

The only other DS product that has ever interested me was Brain Age. That was until I found out I have the brain of a 120-year-old and no time to do the training the game offered to improve it.

Why am I interested in it? Not for myself. I like my recipes the way I like my books. On good old fashioned paper. But I’m raising two boys in this technology age, and both of them like to help me in the kitchen. My nine-year-old is at the point where he can turn on the stove and use the smallest of my Henckels. My six-year-old is not far behind, and he’s my little sous chef. He loves to cook and bake.

I think being able to use their DS once in a while to help cook a meal might appeal to them. Still, I’m not running out to buy it right away. Something like this needs to be their choice, and I’d probably wait until I can buy an inexpensive used copy before I bought it.

What do you think? Does Personal Trainer: Cooking sound like a good idea to you? Would you use it?

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Nintendo's personal trainer: cooking
Now you have a legitimate reason to play with your kid's DS. Nintendo just released its Personal Trainer: Cooking for its hand held gaming system.