If you had asked me, I would have said we probably didn't need another deal site, but maybe I'd have been wrong. 3 Square Deals is a deal site with a charitable twist. Started by blogger Deborah Smith and her team at Jersey Bites, the site offers deals to New Jersey restaurants and donates a part of their profits to food banks across the state.


After 3 Square Deals gives the restaurants their portion of the money brought in from the 50-90 percent off deals, 10 percent of their cut will go to support Food Bank of South Jersey, Community Food Bank of New Jersey, and Food Bank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties.



I’ve contributed a post or two to Jersey Bites in the past, and several of my New Jersey food blogging friends are involved with the site that focuses on N.J.’s food scene and with the new 3 Square Deals. I know the people involved with this new venture are passionate about the hungry in our state. I’m impressed with how they’ve found a way to combine their passion for good food with their concern for the hungry. Not only will 3 Square Deals help out the three major food banks in the state on a regular basis, special “Deal Weeks” throughout the year will spotlight smaller hunger relief organizations.


If you’re a New Jersey resident, you can sign up to receive the deals directly in your email as they’re offered. 3 Square Deals is less than a month old and deals aren’t happening daily (at least not yet). But, I’ve already signed up to make sure that if one of my favorite local restaurants is offering a deal, I can buy the deal and help out my local food bank.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

N.J. restaurant deal site benefits food banks
3 Square Deals offers Groupon-like discounts at restaurants and donates part of its profits to food banks throughout the state of New Jersey