OliVaylle Estate sent me a bottle of their Olive Nectar, an extra virgin olive oil made under stringent conditions. The founder of OliVaylle, Jorge de Moya, uses eight absolutes of olive oil perfection to achieve what he considers perfection in olive oil. I’m not an olive oil expert, so I can’t speak to this oil’s perfection, but I can say this is really great tasting olive oil. It’s smooth and subtle on the tongue at first but it has a wonderful spicy/peppery kick after a few seconds.


I have used the oil on Caprese salad, as the base for a spice dip for bread, poured it into my roasted red pepper hummus, and sauteed yellow squash and onions in it. I can’t say it made too much of a difference with the hummus since there are so many other flavors going on with that. In the other dishes I used it in, the quality of OliVaylle Estate Olive Nectar improved these recipes that I frequently make.


What are the eight absolutes of olive oil perfection that help to make this olive oil quality?


  1. Estate-grown olives from irrigated and enriched groves.
  2. Mechanically harvested olives, free of contamination by human hands or top soil.
  3. Processed within the estate from pitted olives.
  4. Truly cold process: lowering the temperature to extract the best oil rather than raising it to extract more.
  5. Processed in an oxygen- and temperature-controlled environment within 6 hours of harvesting.
  6. Stored on the estate in insulated, thermally controlled, oxygen-free stainless steel tanks.
  7. Estate-bottled in oxygen-free, dark glass bottles.
  8. Packed and shipped in refrigerated containers and stored in refrigerated distribution centers.

In addition to these absolutes, OliVaylle has sustainable soil management and pest control procedures. They aren’t certified organic because they do apply some chemicals only if deemed necessary. When they do, the chemicals are carefully controlled. They don’t use pesticides unless pests are actually present, and they haven’t found the need to do so in the past three years. Australia has high quarantine restrictions for plants. Because of this the country has a lower rate of plant disease and pestilence than some of the more widely-recognized olive oil producing countries. The soil in many parts of Australia is also excellent for growing olives.


Since I live in New Jersey, I’m never going to be able to buy local olive oil. The conditions aren’t right in my region for growing olives. I do use olive oil, though, so I try to buy good olive oil that’s been sustainably farmed and produced, and OliVaylle will now be added to the list of oils I’ll buy.


Good olive oil can be very expensive. A 500 ml bottle of OliVaylle Estate Olive Nectar is $14.99 plus shipping on the company’s website, but shipping is free to the United States if two bottles are purchased. I have paid much more than $15 a bottle for what I was told was “quality” olive oil in the past, and I didn’t see any difference between the “quality” oil and the $7 bottles I’ve gotten from the grocery store. I definitely tasted the difference with the OliVaylle, though. The price for the quality seems quite reasonable to me.


I took a look at what Amazon charges for OliVaylle, and it’s more expensive than purchasing it from OliVaylle’s website. However, in reading the reviews (which are very good on Amazon), I saw a few people mention that they bought the olive oil discount stores like TJ Maxx for under $10. I’ll be searching the shelves of stores like that when I’m in them for OliVaylle, but I’ll also be checking out the best buy dates on them stamped on the bottle. Olive oil is definitely one of the foods that you want to use when its at its best quality.


Have you used OliVaylle Estate Olive Nectar? Do you find it as quality as I do?

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

OliVaylle Estate Olive Nectar is good quality at a good price
The bottle says it's "The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the World." We don't know about that, but this Australian olive oil is definitely worth a few extra dol