Oprah Winfrey seems to be everywhere these days. Her voice booms from the TV when a Weight Watchers commercial comes on. Her image fills my Facebook timeline, not to mention the trailer from the upcoming movie adaption of "A Wrinkle in Time." She already smiles at me in the grocery store checkout line from the cover of O magazine, and now the new food line that bears her name will soon be on grocery store shelves.

O That's Good! is a line of "delicious soups and sides with an unexpected twist." The twist is additional healthy vegetables or beans in dishes that don't traditionally include them. The additions will be ingredients like cauliflower in her mashed potatoes, white beans in her Parmesan sauce for corkscrew pasta, and butternut squash in her cheese sauce on penne pasta.

In all, there are eight comfort foods in the O, That's Good! food line — four refrigerated soups and four refrigerated side dishes — that are ready to heat and eat. They contain no artificial flavors or dyes. The soups will retail for $4.99 and the sides will retail for $4.49, reports People. Oprah was involved in the development of all the products that are expected to be on store shelves by the end of September.

Listening to what American shoppers want

O That's Good! is the first line of foods to come out of Mealtime Stories, Oprah's joint culinary venture with Kraft Heinz. When the partnership was announced earlier this year, Forbes reported that Mealtime Stories would seek to "create a new line of food that will make real, nutritious products more accessible to everyone."

When Kraft bought Heinz in 2015, Wall Street analysts speculated that "reworking the century-old Kraft’s ultra processed, packaged fare into something modern Americans will want to eat might be one of their first big moves." At the time, Kraft's earnings had fallen more than 60 percent because consumers were turning to healthier foods.

The Mealtime Stories venture may be one of those big moves that will help to bring back some American consumers who want to eat healthier but are still looking for convenience.

To be honest, I'm curious enough to give Oprah's new foods a try, particularly the mashed potatoes with cauliflower. Oprah told People that she ate "more cauliflower and potatoes then you can imagine trying to get the exact right summation of cauliflower to potatoes. I think we did it.” Oprah has never made it a secret that food is very important her. She likes to eat good food. So do I. If she really was in on the tastings to make sure the ratio was just right, maybe they'll actually taste good!

Something that's definitely good about the foods to come out of Mealtime Stories is money to fight hunger. Ten percent of its profits will be split equally between the charities Rise Against Hunger and Feeding America.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Oprah launches line of healthy comfort foods
O, That's Good! soups and side dishes include a healthy twist of unexpected vegetables and beans.