It’s time to start thinking about buying your candy and treats for Halloween. I know, the grocery store wanted you to start thinking about it in August, but hopefully you resisted the temptation.

I’ve got five choices for candy and other treats that are organic or all-natural. I’ve linked to where I’ve found them for the least amount of money. If you can find them cheaper somewhere else, please let us know in the comments. For more suggestions, check out last year’s Halloween candy list.

Clif Kid Twisted Fruit Ropes - $12.89/18 pieces ($.72/piece). These USDA organic certified fruit ropes contain one serving of fruit in each package. The mixed fruit version seems to be a little less expensive than the other flavors, so I’m pointing you to that flavor.

Sweet Earth Trick or Treat Chocolates - $30/100 pieces ($.30/piece). Sweet Earth’s Halloween-colored, foil-wrapped chocolate disks are 100 percent organic and fair trade. Choose either 65 percent bittersweet or milk chocolate. These seem like a great choice if you've got heavy trick-or-treater traffic.

Divine Spooky Milk Chocolate Balls – $4.99/3.5oz ($.23/piece). I’m bringing back these balls from last year’s list because they are a good price, fair trade and definitely Halloween-themed. This is another great choice if your doorbell gets worn out on Halloween from lots of trick-or-treaters.

St. Claire’s Organic Fruit Tarts- $11.88/12 pieces ($.99/piece). These USDA organic certified tart candies are a little on the expensive side if you’ve got lots of kids coming to your front door. But, if you’re looking for something different for say a class party, these might please the crowd.

Annie’s Bunny Snacks – $18.99/36 packs ($.53/piece). A variety pack of Annie’s bunny crackers – 12 cheddar, 8 honey grahams, 8 chocolate chip grahams, and 8 chocolate grahams. This is a particularly good choice for younger children. 

What do you have to add to the list for Halloween this year?

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Organic and natural Halloween treats
Looking for fair trade candy for trick-or-treaters or natural snacks for a classroom Halloween party? Look no further.