The centerpieces of many Easter baskets are the chocolate bunnies. Hollow or solid, kids and adults alike love to unwrap them on Easter and promptly bite their heads off. I think it’s best that we not think too long or too hard about that tradition. Don’t you?

If you’re looking for organic Easter bunnies this year, I’ve tracked down a few choices for you.

Lake Champlain Organic Dark Chocolate Hopp’n Bunny ($12) – A solid chocolate USDA organic certified dark chocolate bunny that’s wrapped in compostable cellophane gift bags and tied with a festive ribbon woven from yarn made with recycled bottles. This bunny measures 5.5 inches tall – perfect for the center of a basket.

Sjaaks Organic Bunny in a Basket – A creamy dairy free “milk” chocolate bunny comes complete with its own small basket. Perfect for those that want to give someone just a little taste of what good, organic chocolate is all about. Sjaaks works with suppliers that use fair trade practices.

Chocolate Decadence Little Girl Organic Easter Bunny ($23.95) – This solid bunny weighs a whopping 2 1/4 pounds. It’s made from solid, dairy-free chocolate and comes in a cellophane wrapper. This bunny is definitely not gender-neutral. She wears a dress and carries a basket.

Chocolate Decadence Little Boy Organic Easter Bunny ($20.95) – Like the little girl bunny above, this solid organic bunny weighs 2 1/4 pounds. Made from solid, dairy-free chocolate, this bunny is dressed in overalls. Wrapped in cellophane.

Sweet Earth Fair Trade and Organic Bunnies (6 for $13.95) – These smaller bunnies won’t be the centerpiece of an Easter basket, but they’ll make great filler for a basket or little gifts to give the children of your Easter hosts this year. Available in bittersweet chocolate, milk chocolate or a combination of both, each bunny is about three inches tall. The bittersweet variety is vegan and soy lecithin-free. 

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Organic chocolate Easter bunnies
You’ll feel good about letting your kids bite the heads off these chocolate bunnies