If Proposition 37 in California passes, foods that contain genetically modified (GM) ingredients would be required by law to have a label saying so. This would be a huge step forward for those of us who care about not eating GM food. It would also be a step forward for those who think we just have the right to know what is in our food.


Unfortunately, while the proposition has a lot of people support, it has significantly less funding in support of it. Companies have raised $23.5 million to fight Prop 27, while only $2.78 million has been raised in support of it. With GM ingredients in so many store-bought brands, it is hardly surprising that money is being thrown against this prop. However, what is surprising is how some of our organic purchases could be helping the cause against labeling GM foods!


The Cornucopia Institute released a fact sheet sharing many brands that were under a “corporate parent” that gave even millions of dollars to fight against GM labeling. These brands include Larabar, Naked, Horizon Organics, Odwalla and other familiar brands.


Now, I am sure that many of the people involved further down the corporate ladder would be completely in support of labeling GM foods, but that just makes it even sadder to me. It is yet another reason why selling out to large companies, such as Kellogg, General Mills or Dean Foods, is not a good idea. You might personally believe that labeling GM products is right, but once you’ve sold to a big company, it could use your profits to fight against the very things you stand for.


On the bright side, some of the companies that have given significant amounts to support Prop 37 are some of my favorites. This includes Nutiva, Lundberg, Eden, Nature’s Path, Dr. Bronner’s Magic “All-One,” and Straus Organics. I like many of their products, and am glad to know that by supporting them, I am also supporting a company that shares similar goals for labeling foods containing GMOs.

Organic companies against labeling GMOs?
With so many organic companies owned by large corporations, some of their profits may be used to fight Proposition 37 – which would require genetically modifi