Here’s something you might want to be on the lookout for: there is now a top-level domain for organic businesses and organizations, and it claims to be exclusively for the organic community.

Anyone can register for a .organic domain name, but before any website with the domain can go live, it will have to go through the group's verification process. This will include “providing information and documentation to prove you meet the .ORGANIC registration requirements.”

Who will be able to get one of these new top-level domains that associates them with the organic community?

  • Certified organic producers, farmers, distributors and the like
  • Certified organic textile and skincare providers
  • Organic restaurants and venues
  • Certifiers in the organic community
  • Publications, journalists and bloggers catering to the organic community and industry
  • Nonprofit, not-for-profit and trade associations that primarily serve and represent the organic community

With the verification process, there seems to be a certain level of trust expected from a website that uses the .organic domain. I first read about this new domain on Living Maxwell, a blog I’ve been following for years. The blogger on the site, Max Golberg, is associated with the company that owns .organic and this is what he has to say about that level of trust:
Without question, .ORGANIC is going to be an important point of differentiation, for both individuals and companies, and the pre-qualification process also prevents “squatters” from taking over domain names.
He also notes that many established organic brands and organizations have already signed up for the domains, including Stonyfield, Applegate Farms and The Rodale Institute.

I’ll be paying attention to sites that I see with this domain name to see if they are living up to the standards. I’m also thinking of registering for one of the domains myself and starting a new blog — because I’m not busy enough already.

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Organic gets its own exclusive, top-level domain
Websites that end with .organic will go through a verification process before they can go live.