I’ve always been skeptical about produce washes that claim to make your fruits and vegetables safer. How do you now they're actually doing any good? But when Val Reddemann, one half of my favorite hip chic duo, contacted me and asked me to try a new wash she’s selling on her website, I agreed to give it a try.


Val, who’s podcast More Hip Than Hippie is one of my favorite things on earth, is someone whose judgment I trust. In addition to her podcast, Val owns and operates Greenfeet, The Planet’s Homestore. From what I hear Val say on her podcast, and read on the Facebook pages she’s associated with, she is personally involved with choosing all of the products that Greenfeet sells.

One new product that Greenfeet is carrying is Organic Chico Wash, a fruit, vegetable and nut wash that is food grade, all-natural, and gmo-free. The wash is FDA and USDA organic approved (unlike other products on the market), and it’s been tested and shown to remove 99.999% of Salmonella and E.Coli from produce and nuts when used properly.

While this isn’t going to solve the problems like those associated with the recent recall of ground turkey tainted with Salmonella, it can make your raw and cooked fruits, vegetables, and nuts safer. Unless you grow all your own produce, even if you get your produce from a farmers market, you never know what that produce has come in contact with. From getting rid of regular germs that can end up on your bell pepper because someone sneezed to really dangerous bacteria like Salmonella and E.Coli, this wash has the scientific research to back up its effectiveness.

I gave Organic Chico Wash a try on some of my farmers market produce to make sure that there was no after-taste associated with the wash. There is none that my family detected. I sprayed it on bell peppers that I used for sausage and peppers, and I sprayed it on tomatoes and jalapeno peppers I used in salsa. I also washed organic salad greens that I bought at the store in the mixture.

The wash comes concentrated, and you mix it with water in a reusable spray bottle. The photo above shows the color of the wash – a proprietary blend of citric acid and other natural ingredients – that I mixed together myself and used on my vegetables. Each concentrated bottle makes 32 ounces of wash.

There is no foolproof method of making food 100 percent safe, but Organic Chico Wash can take some of the worry about unsafe produce and nuts away. You can order Organic Chico Wash for $5.95 plus shipping and handling from Greenfeet, currently the only online retailer selling it.  

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Organic wash for produce and nuts
Organic Chico Wash removes 99.999% of Salmonella and E.Coli from produce and nuts in less than two minutes.