The man who once bit the head off a bat is now only interested in leafy greens. 


In the same week that comedian Russell Brand announced he was going vegan after watching the film "Forks Over Knives," Ozzy Osbourne has revealed a similar experience. 


The rocker appeared on wife Sharon Osbourne‘s show, "The Talk" and said “My assistant showed me a video called 'Forks and Knives' (sic) or something, about (cutting out) meat and dairy products, so I thought, ‘I’ll give this a shot!’”


The 62-year-old is convinced that the diet will give him a health reboot and allow him to avoid common food pitfalls while on tour. 


“I feel OK actually, I feel better about myself, you know? I go on binges…That’s the reason why I decided to cut out meat and dairy because I’ve limited what I can have because when you’re on the road and you’re traveling, you grab buns and … burgers are everywhere … so now I’ve just narrowed the margin.”


While Ozzy is definitely doing something great for his body, he's not sure exactly how long he'll keep it up, jesting to Sharon that she may ultimately be the deciding factor. “I’m not saying I’m gonna do it forever," he said. "I might go back — when my wife learns to cook, so that’ll be never!”


Check out the trailer for the film that turned Osbourne vegan below. 


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