It’s Girl Scout cookie time, that time of year when my friends who have daughters in the scouting program start heralding the limited-time-only treats. All at once, my Facebook timeline is full of the same update from many people: “If you want Girl Scout cookies, let me know. My daughter is selling them.” Funny thing is, though, these daughters never knock on my door to ask if I want to buy cookies. I’m not so sure it’s the daughters doing the selling.

In my neck of the woods, Girl Scout cookies seem to have become a very grown-up business venture, and this year I’ve noticed another grown-up side to the Girl Scout cookies — cookie/booze pairings. Here is just some of the pairing advice I've run across.

  • Many of my Philadelphia food friends have been linking to a Girl Scout cookie/beer pairing that Swathmore, P.A.’s 320 Market Café has available right now. Four Girl Scout cookies paired with a flight of four beers will run you $12, but when you’re done, you’ll know which beer tastes best with a Thin Mint.
  • Flying Dog Ales out of Maryland has recommendations for pairing its beers with various Girl Scout cookies. If you can’t get these specific beers in your area, you could certainly use it as a guide to pairing Girl Scout cookies with craft beer from a local brewery in your region.
  • The Wine Club Reviews website has a guide to pairing Girl Scout cookies with wine. Port with the caramel-y Samoas or sparkling wine with the shortbread Trefoils are just two of the general recommendations made. I’ve seen this particular webpage linked to more times than I can count by many of my wine-loving female friends on Facebook.
  • For specific wines to drink with Girl Scout cookies, you can turn to Huffington Post. They have a wine director from a Michelin-starred restaurant recommending a 2006 Renwood Grandmere Zinfandel with Dulce De Leche cookies plus several other wine/cookie recommendations.
I haven’t run into any Girl Scout cookie/cocktail pairings yet, but I’m sure they're out there.

As much as I love wine and enjoy beer occasionally, I’m inclined to drink a nice cold glass of milk with cookies. How about you? Have you tried pairing wine or beer with Girl Scout cookies yet?

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