For some people, getting crafty with dessert means tossing a few sprinkles on a cupcake. But Italian pastry chef Matteo Stucchi takes sweet treats to a wondrous new level.

Based in Monza, Stucchi took to Instagram earlier this year to showcase his imaginative worlds featuring tiny figurines ensconced in dessert landscapes.

"My name is Matthew and I'm a professional pastry chef, or at least I try," he wrote when he debuted his creations. "I decided to combine my great passion — desserts — with the small world of Lilliput and here's the result."

Stucchi has itty-bitty construction workers toiling in a worksite of tiramisu, gussied-up strawberries tying the knot, and zombie hunters fighting mummified gingerbread men. For his first creation, he imagined rafters paddling in chocolate lava.

pastry and tiny construction workers
A tiny construction team tackles layers of pastry. (Photo: Matteo Stucchi)

"I get my ideas by seeing other artists on the web who create an interplay between objects and food," Stucchi tells MNN. "And by that, I focus on my desserts, in order to make them in a different and innovative way, using all my fantasy trying to surprise my followers."

ferris wheel made of cake pops.
Cake pops are the tasty seats on a Ferris wheel. (Photo: Matteo Stucchi)

"My idea has been accepted in a very positive way," Stucchi says. "I’ve received a lot of compliments but, above all, I reached my goal: to touch people. I think it’s important to appreciate by eyes, but it’s better to do it by heart."

rafting in chocolate lava
They're going with the flow in a sea of chocolate lava. (Photo: Matteo Stucchi)

"Who among us has not dreamed of being able to navigate in a chocolate river?" Stucchi writes on Instagram about this clever creation. "Sometimes dreams can become reality."

tiny men chop nuts on brownies
The workers are helping with the nuts for the brownies. (Photo: Matteo Stucchi)

In a dessert, decoration is as important as taste, Stucchi writes. These brownies with chocolate ganache fondant wouldn't be complete without nuts cut by his little helpers, he says.

tiny construction workers with pastries
These construction workers have their hands full with tasty challenges. (Photo: Matteo Stucchi)

Stucchi says he has a special Newton's cradle on his desk, which his diminutive workers use to make his baci di dama or "lady's kisses" cookies.

cream puff swans
Graceful swans are made of cream puffs. (Photo: Matteo Stucchi)

There's nothing better than watching animals in their habitats, writes Stucchi, and sugary Lake Lilliput is the ideal place to admire the elegance of the rare Swans Eclair.

seesaw made of candy peaches
A catapult is a nifty contraption for sugary peaches. (Photo: Matteo Stucchi)

After harvesting sugary peaches, tiny workers use a catapult to launch them into a jar.

"I think people love (my work) because it’s funny, and it’s a new and different way to present a simple dessert," Stucchi says. "It makes us feel like children again."

mummy gingerbread men
These gingerbread men have taken a turn toward the dark side. (Photo: Matteo Stucchi)

Around Halloween, gingerbread men became toasted mummies. Fortunately, Stucchi writes, zombie hunters were on hand to do battle.

strawberries getting married
Look at this sweet couple tying the knot. (Photo: Matteo Stucchi)

Stucchi posts new images on Wednesdays and Fridays. To check out his mouth-watering creations, find him at #idolcidigulliver and @idolcidigulliver where he has 69,000 followers. Here are more of his amazing pastry worlds:

pastry ladyfingers with tiny workers
These ladyfingers are a rather literal interpretation. (Photo: Matteo Stucchi)
candy peach tree
This peach tree is especially sweet. (Photo: Matteo Stucchi)
strongman holds pastry weights
A strongman has delicious weights. (Photo: Matteo Stucchi)
cookie fishing bridge
A bridge between cookies makes the perfect fishing spot. (Photo: Matteo Stucchi)
mountain climbers scale a cupcake
Mountain climbers scale a cupcake. (Photo: Matteo Stucchi)
pastry mining for chocolate
Who wouldn't want to go mining for chocolate? (Photo: Matteo Stucchi)

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