Paula Deen announced this week on “Today” that she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes three years ago. 


On “The Chew” earlier today, the recently professed diabetic says she will donate a portion of what she earns from her drug endorsement to the American Diabetes Association because they are in “a position.” A clip of her discussing the money end of what’s going on with her (including her sons coming to her defense — good boys) can be seen in full on Unfortunately, I can’t embed that clip. I did find another clip on The Huffington Post (above) that cuts off right before she says going to donate part of what she earns. 


There are many people who are judging Paula Deen's motives for making this public announcement about her private disease at the same time she announced she had a deal to promote Novo Nordisk's diabetes drug. It will be interesting to see if this announcement puts some of the controversy to rest or if people will still make judgments about her motives.

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