At the end of each year, food, grocery store and restaurant experts make their food predictions for the upcoming one. Here's a look at what people think will be hot in food in 2018. Of course we won't know if these predictions will be accurate until this time next year. Two of 2017's biggest predicted trends, purple foods and jackfruit as a meat alternative, didn't show up on any menus I saw.

Poke bowls

Poke bowl Poke bowls originated in Hawaii. (Photo: Brent Hofaker/Shutterstock

If you're unfamiliar with poke bowls, they're a bit like deconstructed sushi. They're bowls full of rice, raw fish and various toppings. They originated in Hawaii, but in 2018 food experts say you can expect to find them everywhere. They're very versatile, and according to Care2, you can skip the fish and choose a variety of healthy toppings and still have a delicious meal.

Papalo and other uncommon herbs

papalo Papalo is just one of the unusual herbs we may see in 2018. (Photo: Josiah True/Shutterstock)

Among the National Restaurant Association's predictions is the use of uncommon herbs like papalo, an alternative to cilantro that doesn't die in the heat. Other herbs to be on the lookout for are chervil, lovage and lemon balm.

Locally sourced meat, seafood and produce

local produce Local produce will continue to be big. (Photo: Ariana P Habich/Shutterstock

Another of the Restaurant Association's predictions is that locally sourced will continue to be important. Where and how food was raised or grown matters to consumers, particularly millennials.

Root to stem cooking

broccoli Don't toss any part of broccoli. (Photo: topseller/Shutterstock)

There's going to be less waste going into the compost as every part of a vegetable is used, according to Whole Foods. The leaves of radishes, the stems of broccoli and the rinds of watermelons will now be on our plates.


watermelon cocktails Watermelon mocktails will be part of the virgin cocktail trend. (Photo: Daxaio Productions/Shutterstock)

Pinterest says that searches for virgin cocktails keep going up, increasing 160 percent last year. These non-alcoholic beverages should be made with artisanal ingredients.

Air frying

Air fryer Air fryers make healthier fried foods. (Photo: ROLAND ANCLA LEGASPI/Shutterstock)

Hot air replaces oil to make crispy foods in air fryers, and this method of making healthier fried foods is another one of Pinterest's trends. In fact, it's the social media's biggest trend, with air fryer pins increasing 1,809 percent in 2017.

Croatian and Georgian wines

Orange wine Orange wine comes from Slovenia and Croatia. (Photo: vcvadim/Shutterstock)

Wine lovers will be looking to lesser-known wine regions for their wine, according to Special Events. Slovenia and Croatia will be in the spotlight with natural wines like orange wine and other wines made with minimal intervention.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Poke, papalo and other food trends for 2018
'Deconstructed' sushi and new ways to enjoy old favorites are the top predictions for the new year.