I grew up living near Portland, and now I live right in the heart of the city. Because of that, the show "Portlandia" has amused me many times. While I haven't actually watched an entire episode from start to finish (we live in Portlandia after all, and get to experience the real thing!), several funny clips have been shared with us by friends over the last few years. I love it when somebody takes a true aspect of human nature, or, in this case, the nature of a city, and pokes fun at it.

This following clip is one of my personal favorites, mostly because it is so true! Many of us do have backyard chickens, cure our own meats, have sausage parties, pickle our own vegetables and brew our own beer.

Though I have to admit, it's more "unwashed old men" roaming the street for work in our area. Watch the following to see what I am talking about.

Portlandia's 1890s song is something I can verify
This hilarious show makes fun of the many quirky aspects of Portland, Ore., and this clip is no exception.