By this time next week, we’ll know who has won the presidential election. We’ll also know if Californians voted to require labeling of genetically modified foods. A yes vote could eventually impact the entire country. That’s why I’ve been urging those of you who don’t live in California to stand with Californians on GMO labeling and urge your friends and family that do live in the state to vote yes on Proposition 37.


Food & Water Watch have put together this prime-time star studded video that shows just how silly it is for us to trust that the biotechnology firms, the same firms who profit from genetically modified foods, who are opposing Proposition 37 have our best interest at heart.



If you live in California, please consider voting yes on Proposition 37. If you don’t, please let your friends and family who live in California show themt this video and let them know that their decision will not only affect their state, it will set a standard that the rest of the country could follow. 


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Prime-time stars urge 'Vote Yes on Prop 37'
California's Proposition 37, a potential law that would require labeling for genetically modified foods (GMO) is a week away, and celebs are using a little reve