I usually do my coupon roundup the first day of the month, but I just found some online coupons for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream that are too good to not give you a quick heads up about.

I rarely see coupons for Ben & Jerry’s. It looks like it’s been about a few years since I listed them in one of the roundups. (Editor's note: This file was published in 2013, and the offer originally mentioned here is no longer available. However, if you're looking for specific coupons any time of year, try checking out the links below or these sites: Coupon Sherpa, Coupons.com or Gifts & Coupons, and if all else fails, simply do a search for the product you're hunting for and the word "coupons." Good luck!)

We like Ben & Jerry’s around here because they source ingredients sustainably and they are committed to fair trade. Their flavors, like the Chocolate Macadamia, are delicious. And, they even let employees bring their dogs to work.

Ice cream is the classic treat, and saving a dollar or two on really good ice cream makes the treat a little sweeter.

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Rare Ben & Jerry’s coupons available
Save a dollar or two on the responsibly sourced and just plain good ice cream.