Love those healthy leafy kale chips but wish the delicate snacks could handle being dipped into your favorite sauce? Get raw kale chips strong enough to hold hummus from Kaia Foods.

The organic raw company has put a healthy twist on the popular veggie snack by grinding down the kale and compressing it into little round discs. The result: A denser chip with more crunch — with all the nutritious benefits of the leafier chips.

These chips contain just a handful of raw, organic, vegan ingredients — all easily recognizable — and come decorated with pretty seeds on top. Yet the simple concoction is packed full of intense flavors, which actually satisfied my snack cravings a lot faster — a great natural curb to mindless overeating! Be warned that the Sea Salt & Vinegar flavor is very intensely vinegary! The Barbecue flavor, which gets its tang from sundried tomatoes, is a milder-flavored crowd pleaser.

Want a slightly sweeter snack? Pick up Kaia Foods Party Mix Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds, an agave nectar-sweetened snack that'll satisfy without the processed sugar. The seeds also come in other flavors I want to try like Cocoa Mole, Garlic Sea Salt and Sweet Curry. You can find Kaia Foods at local Whole Foods, health food stores and online at Kaia Foods' store.

Kaia Sea Salt & Vinegar Kale Chips and Party Mix Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds

Raw kale chips with extra crunch
Get your greens by eating chips! Kaia Foods' raw, organic, and vegan kale chips pack a nutritional punch without packing on the pounds.