Earlier today, I gave you the recipe I found for a homemade substitution for condensed cream of broccoli soup. I went in search of the substitution specifically to make what I call “company chicken.” It’s a recipe that I believe came out of a Yankee Magazine special recipe insert years ago that featured recipes from New England inns. I also think that the original recipe called for cream of mushroom soup, but I switched that out for cream of broccoli soup because my sister-in-law is allergic to mushrooms.


I haven’t made the recipe in years because I stopped cooking with condensed cream of broccoli or mushroom (or other cream of soups). I wasn’t happy with the ingredients in them. But, I’ve often thought of this recipe for Creamy Chicken Bake, and last week I made it once again, this time with a homemade substitution for the canned soup.

I call it company chicken because it’s a great recipe to make for company. It can be put together earlier in the day. Because it takes only 30 minutes to bake, it can be popped in the oven when your company arrives to bake unattended while you’re chatting and having an appetizer or two. It’s also an easy recipe to double or triple, depending on how many guests you are serving. The butter and the cheese make this high in fat, so it’s good to balance this dish with side dishes that are lower in fat.


  1. Pound chicken breasts till flat
  2. Place in a greased shallow ovenproof pan
  3. Top each breast with a slice of cheese
  4. Combine Soup with milk and spread over the chicken
  5. Toss melted butter with stuffing mix and sprinkle over the chicken
  6. Bake for 30 minutes or until chicken is cooked all the way through
My notes
  • I tried to create my own version of herb stuffing mix, but I wasn’t able to get it right. I’d love to find the right combination of homemade breadcrumbs and dried herbs to replace the store bought herb stuffing mix for this. If anyone has any suggestions, leave them in the comments.
  • If you take a look at the notes in the recipe for the cream of broccoli soup substitution, you’ll see how you can switch it up to make a substitution for condensed cream of mushroom soup.


Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Recipe: Creamy chicken bake (a.k.a. company chicken)
A simple chicken dish gets made over by replacing condensed cream of broccoli soup with a healthier, homemade substitution.