Sometimes you wonder if you are wasting your time trying to feed your family and yourself healthy food. This video, featuring Dr. Terry Wahls, is both encouraging and inspiring. Wahls was unable to even sit up straight when she started researching alternative treatments for her condition, multiple sclerosis.

"Multiple sclerosis (abbreviated to MS, known as disseminated sclerosis or encephalomyelitis disseminata) is an inflammatory disease in which the fatty myelin sheaths around the axons of the brain and spinal cord are damaged, leading to demyelination and scarring as well as a broad spectrum of signs and symptoms."

When conventional medicine failed her, she developed an eating plan for herself that included all of the nutrients her body needed to protect her brain and spinal cord. Her improvements were dramatic. I also found it interesting and noteworthy that the diet she came up with is almost identical to the diet that Julia Ross uses in her clinic to treat a wide variety of disorders (including depression, energy and weight issues, and more). I share her diet recommendations here.

Perhaps eating as Wahls recommends would provide our bodies what it needs to avoid a plethera of health issues. Everyone is different and all may not have as good of results as Wahls, but her story is surely an inspiration!

Recovering from multiple sclerosis with nutrition
In this amazing presentation, Dr. Terry Wahls shares how she used a nutritious diet to reverse the effects of multiple sclerosis.