A chalkboard on the wall lists all of the local producers that Leon’s Full Service, a hip community-driven restaurant and bar in the Atlanta suburb of Decatur, has a relationship with. I had the opportunity visit Leon’s earlier this week on my trip to Georgia. I met Becky Striepe, whose vegan recipes I frequently point to on this blog, for dinner, and we popped into the less than one-year-old restaurant. We were glad we did.

It was difficult to choose from their menu. Out of total curiosity, I was tempted by the bacon in a glass with optional peanut butter supplement. In deference to my vegan dining partner and the fact that I’d already eaten meat twice that day, I went with the sandwich of grilled vegetables, sun-dried tomato pesto, and laura chenel chèvre. I ordered a side of fries with a goat cheese fondue dipping sauce.

Leon’s has 12 different French fry, or as they call them pub frites, dipping sauces making the choice of one a delightful chore. In fact, I’m still questioning whether I should have ordered the fresh horseradish mayonnaise.

Becky chose the carrot-pine nut & cilantro hummus with flatbread, olive oil and mint along with the olives with star anise infused olive oil and orange zest. As a vegan, she said it was pretty easy to scan the menu and find options. A few of their vegetarian options were already vegan, and they had several others, like the sandwich I ordered, that would be vegan if you just left out the cheese.
In addition to local foods and some local drinks, the bar uses wine bottles to bring tap water to the table (no offers of bottled water), cloth napkins and durable plates and silverware to serve their food. It’s a rare bar that doesn’t use cloth napkins.
The food and atmosphere at Leon’s Full Service are great. The noise level was a little higher than I would have liked to sit and talk with a friend, but that’s my only complaint about this Decatur bar.
I’m back in South Jersey now so I won’t be able to return to Leon’s anytime soon. But, if you’re in the Atlanta region, I suggest you make your way to 131 E Ponce de Leon Ave in Decatur for some great pub food.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Restaurant review: Leon's Full Service
A community-driven restaurant in Decatur right outside Atlanta has something for everyone.