Paul McCartney does it. Michael Pollan does it. Gwyneth Paltrow does it. Now the city of San Francisco will be doing it, too — Meatless Monday. According to The New York Times, the city’s Board of Supervisors passed a nonbinding resolution urging restaurants, stores and schools to offer vegetarian options on Mondays.

In addition to the resolution that encourages people to eat meatless on Mondays for “general civic health” the board passed a second nonbinding resolution that commended businesses that use only cage-free eggs.

A nonbinding resolution is exactly that — nonbinding. No one has to follow the resolution. Basically San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors is saying we approve of this measure. If you offer meatless options each Monday, we will be pleased, but we can’t make you do it.

Still, it’s a worthwhile gesture. It gets the message of eating less meat for the good of public health and the good of environmental health out there.

If you went to a restaurant or school cafeteria that encouraged meatlessness on Mondays, would it make you more likely to give up meat for that day? I know that when I go to really good restaurants, whether it’s a Monday or not, I often chose a vegetarian option to broaden my culinary horizons and to save a bit of money, too.

Do you do Meatless Monday, or any other meatless day? What’s your favorite dish? I kind of like the one in the photo above. I think I'm going to have to make something like it one night.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

San Francisco joins Meatless Monday bandwagon
A nonbinding resolution calls for meatless options to be offered.