I can get excited over the littlest things. Today, I used the $7 I’ve earned so far in rewards from Saving Star. I requested the rewards in an Amazon gift certificate yesterday, and it came in my email overnight, even though it said it would take about three days to be processed.

What did I use my $7 on? Recycled toilet paper. To be more accurate, it’s toilet paper made from 100-percent recycled fiber. (If it was actually toilet paper made from used toilet paper that would be kind of gross.)

Amazon had a lightning deal on a 20-pack of Scott Bathroom Tissue for $15.43 (comes out to $.77/roll). The deal is over now, but with Christmas coming up there will be hundreds of lightning deals that happen between now and Dec. 25. Shipping, because I have Amazon Prime, was free.

I used my $7 Amazon gift certificate on the purchase, bringing the price down to $8.43 or $.44/roll. I’m psyched now I that I’ve actually used some of the rewards for something so practical and saved money. Like I said, I can get excited over the littlest things.

Recently, Savings Star added something called the Cashback Mall. When the app and website were first introduced, you could only earn money back on grocery store purchases. With the new option, if you shop at certain retailers through the Savings Star website, you can earn money back, too.

I look at it this way: if I can use my rewards at Amazon and get great deals like the one I got today on toilet paper (a purchase that would normally come out of my grocery budget) that leaves me more money to spend on the organic and local foods that I prefer to buy for my family. For me, that’s a big incentive to remember to shop through the website and check the app to see if there are any grocery deals I could use before I go food shopping.

Are you laughing at me right now, or are you saying to yourself, “Yeah, I’d be excited about that, too!”?

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Saving Star app and website update: It's a keeper
After redeeming my first reward from Saving Star for savings on toilet paper, I'm a little more excited than I probably should be.