There are a lot of reasons to part ways with disposable plastic. It ends up in landfills, our oceans, and doesn’t degrade quickly. The phrase, “plastic is forever” is, unfortunately, almost accurate, with many plastic items taking more than 400 years to start to decompose. 

I tend to use plastic wrap over small bowls and to cover cut vegetables, which is hardly ideal. And that’s where Seally Caps can be useful. They create an airtight cover over opened cans, cut vegetables, small bowls, and more. Made out of silicon, they are also BPA-free. The hope is that these will also help people cut down on food waste, which is horribly high in America, with a family throwing out an average of 25 percent of their food

Brian, the creator of the Seally Cap, sent me this picture of two halves of a cut avocado. One was stored in a plastic baggy and the other covered with a Seally Cap. They were both refrigerated for 12 days. The one on the left was the one covered with the Seally Cap. It's a remarkable difference! 

avocados covered and uncovered for 12 days

Seally Caps is running a Kickstarter campaign — in fact, other people thought it was such a great idea that the company ended up meeting its goal in two days! But you can still get in on the action to support this company and a great product. 

Watch the following video to see how airtight these caps are! It’s pretty neat.

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