A couple of weeks ago, friends of ours came for dinner and brought the most amazing blueberry pie from a local organic blueberry farm. They also bought us a pint of blueberries. I dutifully made blueberry pancakes and muffins with the pint, but blueberry season is just starting, and I’m wondering how I can vary the way I use them.

I thought for this edition of seasonal recipes, I’d turn to celebrity chefs to see how they use this anti-oxidant rich berry.

Julia Child’s Blueberry Clafoutis — Clafoutis is a French dessert. It’s kind of like a cake, but it’s not. Traditionally made with cherries, Julia Child gave a blueberry recipe in her “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” The Foodie Tots blog found it easy enough to cook with a toddler.

Jamie Oliver’s Sexy Swedish Buns — A brioche-type bun, these pastries have the unexpected addition of ground cardamom. They can be served by themselves or with warm custard on top.

Emeril Lagasse’s Wild, Double-Cut Boar Chops with a Wild Blueberry, Balsamic and Sage Sauce Reduction — I’m not exactly sure where to buy boar chops, but if you’ve got some boar in the freezer waiting to be used up, you can give this a whirl.

Ina Garten’s Mixed Berry Pavlova — Blueberries mix with raspberries and strawberries in this light, fluffy, sophisticated dessert.

Giada di Laurentiis’ Almond Blueberry Cookies — This recipe calls for frozen blueberries, so if you’re buying extra blueberries and freezing them for later in the year, you might want to pull out this recipe when you pull the blueberries out of the freezer. User reviews are favorable, but many say they are more like a scone than a cookie.

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Seasonal recipes: 5 for blueberries
Once you've made blueberry muffins, pie and pancakes, what else can you do with the fruit? Celebrity chefs have a few ideas.