Jerusalem artichokes. They aren’t from Jerusalem. They aren’t related to the type of artichoke you’re familiar with. What they are is a root vegetable that tastes sweet and nutty. Also known by the name sunchoke, these power-packed (inulin, vitamin C, phosphorus, potassium, iron) vegetables are in season right now. If you’ve never tried them before, I’ve got five recipes for you. One of them is bound to grab your attention.

Cream of artichoke and Jerusalem artichoke soup – This soup uses the more familiar artichoke with the Jerusalem artichoke in this creamy, garlicky soup.

Organic oven roasted Jerusalem artichokes – A simply way to turn the root vegetables into a tasty side dish.

Sauteed Jerusalem artichokes with garlic and bay leaves – Jamie Oliver describes this tuber as "rough and ready potatoes," and this recipe won't disappoint.

Jeruselem Artichoke soup - See a trend here? This soup from Simply Recipes is a traditional and easy way to use them.

Mashed Jersusalem artichokes – This Emeril Lagasse recipe is “better than mashed potatoes” according to one of the comments on the recipe.  

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