This summer, my boys and I have volunteered several times at The Food Bank of South Jersey. We’ve been helping to stock shelves, sort out-of-date food, stuff donation envelopes, and doing other things they’ve needed us to do at the center. Before volunteering, I had no idea how much food got moved through the center daily.


All day long, community representatives come and get carts and carts full of food, emptying the shelves of some of the most desired foods (proteins like peanut butter and tuna, boxed cereals, pasta) almost quickly as the shelves can fill. The need is never ending.

I chose the food bank as a summer project for my boys because I wanted them to learn, but I’ve learned, too. My boys’ involvement with the food bank might take a break for the school year, but mine will not. I’m going to continue to donate some of my time each month.

September, which unbelievingly is only a week away, is Hunger Action Month. Feeding America has created several short videos in which celebrities tell the stories of real people in need of food. They’re asking people to share the videos, so I’m sharing this one with you.

On Feeding America’s website, you can find the events that your local food bank is hosting that will help raise money and food donations. Take action against hunger in September (and whenever you can). Donate food, attend a fundraising event, or donate your time at a food bank.

If you or your family is feeling the pinch of food insecurity right now, Feeding America can show you where to get help. Their food bank locator will find food banks in your area where you can get food and assistance. 

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

September is Hunger Action Month
The group Feeding America wants you to play a role in ending hunger: Donate food, attend a fundraising event, or donate your time at a food bank.