Yesterday, Michelle Obama announced that Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit group behind "Sesame Street," is the first organization to answer the challenge she issued at the White House Convening on Food Marketing to Children. Just over a month ago, the first lady challenged companies to market food more responsibly to children and get them excited about healthy foods.

Sesame Workshop will be working with the Produce Marketing Association to use the “power of Elmo” to get kids excited about eating healthy snacks, and they won't be charging for the use of the characters' images. The Muppets will be lining the produce aisle in hopes that kids will beg their parents to buy them fruits and vegetables.

Obama made an announcement to the press and then had a little conversation with Muppets Elmo and Rosita about getting kids excited about eating a rainbow of foods. You can see her announcement and that conversation in the video below (the cutest part is around the 5-minute mark, if you're wondering):

Do you think that the Muppets will be good ambassadors for healthy fruits and vegetables? 

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Sesame Workshop and Michelle Obama team up to promote produce
Sesame Workshop is allowing Muppets to be used free of charge in a marketing campaign to get kids excited about eating fruits and vegetables.