Remember early last spring when we were all talking about The Monsanto Protection Act? The act was added to the U.S. budget bill, and it protected biotech firms – the largest of which is Monsanto – from litigation if their GMO seeds turn out to be dangerous. If there was any silver lining to the special interest act, it was, as Earth Matters blogger Russell McLendon explained, that it wasn’t permanent. The Monsanto Protection Act is set to expire next week on September 30.

It could be brought back to life, though, if some in Congress get their way. They want to add it into the current budget bill that needs to be passed by September 30.

A website that’s been paid for by Jeff Merkley for Oregon called Stop the Monsanto Protection Act makes it easy to voice your opinion to Congress on the issue. Merkley is a Democratic senator from Oregon, and he’s joined by Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Rep. Earl Blumenauer, Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, all Democrats.

Through the website, anyone who doesn’t want the Monsanto Protection Act to be extended can sign the petition on the site.

The wording on the petition is straight-forward.

To the U.S. Congress:

Written anonymously and passed in secret, the Monsanto Protection Act allows big corporate agri-businesses to ignore court orders blocking the sale of genetically-engineered seeds.

We call on Congress to stop the Monsanto Protection Act, and to reject any attempts to extend it past September 30.

Signers need only to put their name, email address and zip code on the website and hit submit.

This isn’t the only petition site where you can make your opinion known. Food Democracy Now has a letter you can sign that’s directed specifically at Senators since the Senate will be taking up the matter next. Credo Action does, also.

If you feel strongly that the Monsanto Protection Act should not be included in the budget bill, please sign one of these petitions that take just a minute or two of your time.

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Sign your name to stop the Monsanto Protection Act
The Monsanto Protection Act is set to expire on September 30, but it could be brought back to life.