Do you need an extra side dish for dinner tonight? Try simply glazing some carrots. You probably have some carrots in your refrigerator – either whole carrots or cut baby carrots. If they are organic, better yet, but they don’t have to be.

Glazing carrots, or any root vegetables, is simple. I love it when basic foods are simple to prepare.

Here is the method that I use, taken from Alice Waters’ The Art of Simple Food: Notes, Lessons, and Recipes from a Delicious Revolution. If you’ve never taken a look through this book, which is much more than just a cookbook, page through it next time your at a bookstore with a cookbook section. You just might walk out with a new book.

Ingredients – the measurements aren’t exact – use your best instincts (Yes, you do have them. Trust them.)

  • Carrots – if whole carrots, peel and cut into sticks or slices; if using baby carrots, cut in half length-wise
  • Butter -  a couple of teaspoons per serving
  • Salt
  1. Place carrots in a heavy pot or pan (don’t pile too high; use a bigger pot if necessary)
  2. Place water half way up the carrots
  3. Put in a pinch of salt and butter
  4. Bring to boil
  5. Turn down to a simmer, cover, and cook carrots until tender
  6. Take off lid and allow to simmer until water has boiled away and only a butter glaze remains

It’s really that easy. Glazed carrots add flavor, nutrition, and color to your weeknight meal (but you are allowed to cook them on weekends, too).

Image: John-Morgan

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Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Simple glazed carrots for a weeknight meal
Want a simple, quick side dish to go with dinner tonight? Try glazing some carrots.