Yesterday, I spent the day in New York City with my oldest son on his eighth-grade class trip. One of the attractions we visited was Madame Tussauds, a wax figure museum. It was a great place to take the group of 14-year-olds.

On one of the floors, visitors have to walk through a candy shop to get to the rest of the exhibit. In that candy store, I found insect snacks! Take a good look at the photo above. Those are real bug larvae and crickets in those boxes.

They’re made by Hotlix. The company makes the Crick-etts and Larvets shown above as well as lollipops with insects inside, Scorpion candy, chocolate-covered insects and more.

I grabbed one of my son’s friends who is always game to eat anything I cook and pointed them out to him. I have to give him credit. He honestly considered giving them a try. In the end, he chose not to do it. I don’t blame him. I certainly didn’t want to try them, and seriously, who wants to enter high school being known as the kid who ate bugs on the eighth-grade class trip?

As I’ve pointed out every time I’ve written about eating bugs before, I find it gross but I realize it’s a cultural problem. There is nothing wrong with eating bugs. They’re a great source of protein.

I thought these bug snacks were worth pointing out because although they’re obviously being sold as a novelty here, there are many who believe that insects are the food of the future. The Dutch are holding bug buffets and some are considering grinding bugs into meat patties to make them more palatable to Western palates.

These Hotlix snacks take a different approach than serving insects up as a main course. They’re coated with sour cream and onion flavoring or cheddar and bacon flavoring like the chips that many people are used to. I have to wonder if they might end up being gateway insects for a younger generation who may get comfortable with eating bugs this way. Perhaps they’ll start with Mexican spiced larvae and move onto guacamole topped with roasted, salted crickets like Lifestyle blogger Starre enjoyed on a trip to Mexico.

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Sour cream and onion crickets, anyone?
A bug snack in a candy store has our food blogger squeamish but intrigued.