Bison Black Magic ChocolateAbe’s Market sent me a few boxes of Coco Delice’s Bison Beer Black Magic Chocolates. These dark chocolates are filled with a ganache made from Bison Brewing’s Organic Chocolate Stout.


I took my samples with me when I was meeting with some other food bloggers one afternoon to get a wide variety of opinions on these European-style chocolates.


Everyone liked them, even the people who had heard me say the chocolates had stout beer in them and had expected not to like them. I heard comments like, “nice contrast between the dark chocolate and the ganache,” “they were shockingly good,” “I can taste the beer but it’s not overwhelming,” and “a good balance between the mild dark chocolate and the ganache.” One or two pieces of this chocolate will leave you satisfied.


If you’re looking for something extra special to add to your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, a chocolate made with stout would do the trick. At $12.50 (plus shipping) for a pack of six, these probably won’t be the main dessert at a huge St. Patrick’s Day party. If you’re having just a few friends for an Irish-inspired meal, though, a box or two of these will help to finish off the meal nicely.


Coco Delice is a San Francisco Bay-area company that sources locally produced cream and butter that contain no additives and is certified free of rBST. They use many other locally sourced and organic ingredients.


Disclaimer: The chocolates I received through Abe’s Market were complimentary, but I was not compensated by either Abe’s Market or Coco Delice for writing this post. 

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

St. Patrick's Day Treat: Bison Beer Black Magic Chocolates
Made with organic chocolate stout beer, these nicely balanced chocolates would make a delicious ending to a St. Patrick’s Day meal.