Last week, I told you about KFC’s Bucket for the Cure campaign. KFC will donate 50 cents for each pink bucket of fried chicken or grilled chicken that is bought. The problem many people see with this campaign is that KFC food (as well as most fast food) contributes to obesity. Keeping a healthy weight is one of the ways to help prevent cancer.

There’s no to worry about this hipocracy – or as Stephen Colbert calls it, hippa –crispy – as long as you follow Colbert’s logic on The Colbert Report. If you’ve ever read the children’s book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, it’s kind of like that.

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Forward to 1:15 on the video to watch Colbert’s solution to the pink bucket dilemma. However, the first minute or so of the video is worth a look, too, as Colbert talks about something else we’ve reported about here on MNN, Idaho scientists find fabled worm.

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Stephen Colbert solves pink bucket dilemma
KFC’s <i> Buckets for the Cure</i> campaign works just fine if you follow Colbert’s <i>If You Give a Mouse a Cookie</i> line of thinking.