Last year, I told you about the Super Sprowtz program and its video "White House Chef Feeds the Family Super Powers." The video starred former White House chef Sam Kass answering questions to the media about feeding the president "super powers," which were actually just vegetables.

Super Sprowtz and the program’s talking vegetables toured the country with live shows, teaching preschool and elementary school children about healthy eating. Now the program is going back to video with "Super Sprowtz: Raw." The new weekly show debuts today on the Super Sprowtz YouTube channel.

Each week the host, a guy named Roger, and a supporting cast of superhero vegetables — like super-strong Brian Broccoli, super-stretchy Sam Spinach, and super-smart Erica Eggplant — will use storytelling, music, and humor to educate kids and families about eating well while having fun. Sometimes, they’ll be joined by celebrity guests like Shaquille O’Neal, celebrity chef Sam Talbot and Kass.

“If we’re going to get our kids to eat healthy and enjoy their food, we’re going to have to make it fun, exciting and engaging, and not just try to educate them on why broccoli is good for you because it has vitamins,” says Kass. “We have to make it something that appeals to their emotion, and that’s why the approach that Super Sprowtz is taking is so exciting: it makes kids feel like they’re heroes when they eat their fruits and vegetables.”

"Super Sprowtz: RAW" is aimed at preschool and elementary school children. It can be a bit silly at times, but kids like silly. While they’re laughing watching the 10-minute-ish weekly program, they’ll learn about how fruits and vegetables can make them strong and healthy. 

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'Super Sprowtz: RAW' aims to change children's perception of healthy eating
A new weekly YouTube show starring superhero vegetables entertains kids while educating them about good food.