Last year Target launched a new category of goods called Made to Matter with more than 120 new natural, organic and sustainable products created by brands just for the store. The addition of these products was in response to consumer demand. Target announced last week that it’s doubling its efforts in 2015 and rolling out another 200-plus products by the end of the year.

The natural and organic products market is growing 1 1/2 times faster than the overall market, and that has encouraged Target to bring in more sustainable products. Seventy-five percent of the added products will be completely new. The other 25 percent are variations on products already sold, with new flavors or scents being added to existing offerings.

It’s interesting that Target isn’t just carrying more natural and organic products that already exist. The store is challenging current and new suppliers to create new products or new twists on existing ones. It’s helping the sustainable sector grow by adding to the variety of foods, cleaning items and beauty products that consumers can choose from.

To see which products and brands fall under these offerings, visit Target’s Made to Matter page. Brands like Annie’s, Seventh Generation and Target’s own Simply Balanced brand contribute to it already. Target will add more brands as it increases the variety of products.

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Target adding more than 200 sustainable products
Throughout 2015, Target plans to double the number of natural and organic Made to Matter products on its store shelves.