Flower power's getting redefined. A pretty green company called Lotus Wei has launched a collection of flower essences — described as "energetic infusions of flowers" that have the power to lift moods and brighten spirits. Can what is basically scentless water in which organic flowers once soaked really change how you feel? Well, I'm guessing your answer to that will depend on your current beliefs about aromatherapy, vibrational healing and "What the Bleep Do We Know?"

What I do know, however, is that chocolate can provide instant calm, which is why I'm really glad Lotus Wei has a sister company called Wei of Chocolate. I met the women behind both companies at Evolue's party for Environmental Working Group last month — and got to sample some of these eco-ethical treats.

Even flower essence skeptics will love the taste of Wei of Chocolate — deliciously creamy organic, vegan, and fair trade dark chocolates in decadent flavors. My favorite? Wei Love — chocolate with a kick of cayenne, plus cinnamon, ginger, mace, and maca, all of which give this treat a creamy yet grainy texture. I also loved Wei Inspired — a mocha-flavored treat, and Wei Gratitude, a chai-spiced dessert. Wei Joyful has a nice citrus flavor, while Wei Relaxed and Wei Pure are both rich and creamy — and milkier, with slightly lower chocolate content.

All Wei of Chocolate flavors are infused with flower essences from Lotus Wei that are supposed to enhance the feelings the chocolates are named after. After eating a small piece of each flavor, I did indeed feel a little more joyful, relaxed, inspired, and grateful with a little more love for the world — kind of like the way I feel after any delicious organic chocolate treat.

With just 30 calories a piece, Wei of Chocolate won't guilt your health-conscious mind. I like the way the chocolates melt really slowly in your mouth, so you can savor each piece for a long time. A 2.25-ounce tube with nine pieces costs $10 at Wei of Chocolate, while a 6-ounce bag with 24 pieces costs $21. I recommend going for All the Wei — a 6-ounce bag that's an assortment of all six flavors — to get a taste of each.

As for the Lotus Wei products? Though the claim to fame for the line are the scentless flower essences, Lotus Wei's serums and energy mists contain sweet-smelling organic essential oils. I got a sample of the Inner Peace mist and have been spraying it intermittenly throughout the day. The gentle spiced lavender scent reminds me to chill out — and works nicely as a not-too-pungent perfume.

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Taste the Wei of Chocolate
MNN's lifestyle blogger taste tests organic vegan chocolates infused with flower essences that are said to lift moods and spirits.