John Cisna, a science teacher from Iowa, lost a total of 37 pounds eating McDonald’s every day for three months. It’s not as surprising as you might think. Take a look at the story.

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With the help of his planning with his students, he limited his calorie consumption even though he ate at McDonald’s. It really had nothing to do with McDonald's food. He chose carefully. He knew exactly what he was eating each day before the day started. He also added 45 minutes of walking 3-4 times a week.

Can it really be that simple? Limit your calories. Plan ahead. Add physical activity. With so many people looking for the magic bullet to accomplish their New Year’s resolution of losing weight, this teacher may have something to teach us all. Fortunately, you don’t have to eat at McDonald’s to follow his lesson plan. You can do it with much better food.

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Teacher goes on McDonald’s diet and loses weight
What magic bullet did he use to pull it off? It's not as surprising as you'd think.