A while back I wrote about a "healthy potato chip" brand that uses coconut oil. As a real fan of coconut oil, I was impressed when I heard about these chips, but it took me a while to find them locally. Since then, Jackson's Honest Potato Chips have been popping up in local stores.

Not only are the company's regular potato chips wonderful, but so are the salt and vinegar and the sweet potato chips. In fact, the sweet potato chips are the best ones I've personally ever tried! They are the perfect thickness, with just the right crunch and salt. 

The greatest thing for me is that they don't give me an upset stomach like most fried foods do! While I still limit fried foods — even those fried in the best of oils — when I do indulge, these are worth it. But they're dangerous to keep around because they're so tasty that it's easy to just keep snacking on them.

And look how pretty they are:

Jackson's sweet potato chips

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