I can pretty much guarantee that if I had heard about this London elevator 20 years ago, I would have been awestruck. Now I am just dumbstruck.  

But regardless of how you are struck, you have to admit that this is an inventive idea. There are 1,325 Jaffa cakes stuck to the wallpaper of the elevator, and all of them are lickable. For those of us who never heard of Jaffa cakes before, they are a biscuit-like cake that appear to be popular in the UK.

This idea was inspired by the movie Willy Wonka (based on the book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a childhood classic book about a golden ticket, an amazing candy factory, and finding where you belong).

This elevator (or “lift”, as it is called in the UK) in London is in the office of a communications company, and it is hoped that it will bring both fun to stressed out office workers and more advertising for Jaffa Cakes.

And worried about germs? A bell hop replaces any licked Jaffa Cakes, or so we are told.

So far I have seen more negative comments on the concept than positive. My main thought? It would have been hilarious to integrate this idea into the popular show, The Office.

What do you think? 


The elevator that comes with cakes to lick
If your elevator had lickable wallpaper, would you lick it?