In the 1990’s parents, teachers, food advocates and policy makers in Berkeley, Calif., recognized that there needed to be a change in school lunches and worked together to make that change happen. Berkeley’s school lunch program is now a model for other districts.

The Lunch Love Community Documentary Project is a series of short videos that chronicle Berkeley’s lunch program. Each three- to six-minute “bite-sized” video looks at a different aspect of how Berkeley continues to advance its school lunch program with healthy meals for all students in the district.

Take a look at “If They Cook It, They Will Eat It.”

Other videos in the Lunch Love Community Documentary Project include:
  • The Parent Factor: Against all odds, a group of visionary parents came together in the 1990s to organized change the way Berkeley children would eat in school.
  • The Labor of Lunch: Making from-scratch meals for 5,000 kids is hard work for everyone, and it happens every day at the BUSD Central Kitchen.
  • But Is It Replicable? School leaders from West Sacramento tour the Central Kitchen and Dining Commons wondering how a program like Berkeley’s could work for them.
  • The Whole World in a Small Seed: In Rivka Mason’s school-under-the-sky at Malcolm X elementary, children experience cross-disciplinary learning in their school garden. 
  • Flamin’ Hot: What happens when a group of Berkeley sixth-grade science students burn a Hot Cheeto and test the results. 

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

The Lunch Love Community
A documentary project showcases a sustainable lunch program in Berkeley, Calif., with bite-sized films.