I have big, important news! You can go out in your back yard and dig out that box of Twinkies you buried in a metal time capsule for your great grandchildren to enjoy one day. Twinkies — along with cousins HoHos, DingDongs and other snack cakes, which we all believed died last fall when Hostess closed its doors — have been resurrected.

How is this miracle possible? The private equity groups Apollo Global Management and Metropoulos & Co. bought the rights to Twinkies and several of the bakeries that made them for $410 million. CNN Money reports the “new Twinkies box will look very similar to the old one, with the addition of the line ‘The sweetest comeback in the history of ever.’ The price will stay the same as last fall - $3.99 for a box of 10.”

Before you run out and grab a box, think about the ingredients that go into making a Twinkie. Several years ago photographer Dwight Eschliman photographed each of those ingredients individually. If you’ve ever been curious about what something like Diglyceride looks like, take a look. It’s not particularly appetizing.

When we all thought Twinkies were gone for good, food blogger Kimi pointed us to several recipes for making your own Hostess treats, including Twinkies. If for some reason you want to celebrate the return of the Twinkie, my advice is to do it by making your own version.

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The return of Twinkies
With the tagline “The sweetest comeback in the history of ever,” the snack cakes will return to shelves beginning July 15, presumably with the same ingredients.