Have you seen the DIY YouTube video done by a young woman in China in which she demonstrates how to easily separate an egg using an empty water bottle? The method uses basic physics, and it works in the video, but I thought I’d check it out for myself to see if it worked in my own kitchen. First watch the video, and then take a look at the photos of my egg-separating test.



In the video, she moves the yolk back and forth several times, so I did that in my test. Here are the results.


I took two bowls and broke a full egg into the one on the left.


I took an empty water bottle and sucked the egg yolk out of the white and into the bottle. It didn’t come in as clean as the one in the video. I had to let it hang over the bowl a bit for the white that was stuck to the yolk to fall back into the bowl.


When I released the yolk into the second bowl on the right, it was still in tact. The method did work. I moved it back and forth between the two bowls three times. The last time I released the yolk, it broke. I proceeded to make scrambled eggs for breakfast, eat, and then sit down to write up this post.


I don’t usually have empty one-time use water bottles lying around the house, but we had company last weekend and there were water bottles in the beverage cooler, so we had a few left.


Separating eggs isn’t really all that difficult. The old-fashioned method of passing the yolk back and forth between two halves of the shell usually works just fine. But this method is kind of cool, and I wanted to give it a shot.


Separating an egg this way would probably be fun for kids when they’re helping in the kitchen. It could be a mini science lesson in addition to a kitchen activity. 


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The 'very cool way to separate yolk from egg white' method is put to the test
How to separate yolk from egg white. A video that shows an easy way to separate an egg has gone viral. Does the method actually work? Our food blogger tests it