Last Valentine’s when I interviewed the Celebrate Green’s Lynn and Corey, they recommended a fair trade chocolate I was unfamiliar with – Seattle-based Theo Chocolate. Last week when I was at my local Wegmans I noticed Theo there for the first time. I decided to grab a bar remembering how Lynn and Corey had raved about the chocolate.

They were right to rave. I picked up the 2 oz. Hazelnut Crunch Milk Chocolate bar, and it was delicious. The chocolate was rich and creamy with the right amount of hazelnuts for a crunch. The bar also had just the perfect amount of saltiness to grab my attention but not make me say, “ugh salt.” It was the salt that made the bar for me, actually.

The Theo website describes the bar this way.

A generous combination of hazelnut brittle and milk chocolate with just the right touch of salt. Unanimously voted one of our yummiest creations ever by our Theonista tasting panel.
I will certainly add my vote to this bar being a yummy creation. I look forward to trying some of their other creations.

Theo says they are the only organic, fair trade, bean-to-bar chocolate factory in the United States. In addition to sourcing their chocolate fairly, they also use green energy sources to run their factory and use sustainable packaging and printing methods. When possible, they also use local ingredients in their creations.

In addition to bars, Theo has confections including a vegan confection line, a Jane Goodall collection with proceeds benefiting the environmentalist’s institute, and a coffee blend.

MNN’s lifestyle blogger Siel is addicted to Theo’s Coconut Curry Milk Chocolate bar. Have you tried Theo chocolates? What’s your favorite?  

Image: Theo

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Theo fair trade chocolates
The perfect sweet and salt combination in a fair trade chocolate bar.