Edible packaging is becoming more common as we come to grips with the effects of the plastic waste we throw away every day. On MNN, we’ve talked about the "water blob" to replace plastic water bottles, cups for cold drinks made out of gelatin (compostable or edible – you pick!), and even wrapping paper that is eventually edible once you’ve planted it, watered it, and let it grow. 

But this edible coffee cup sounds like the most delicious option so far. At the Californian coffee shop Alfred Coffee and Kitchen, you can ask for the “Alfred cone” as your cup of choice for your espresso or macchiato. This ice cream cone is freshly dipped in what looks like dark chocolate. 

Alfred Cone edible coffee cup

Photo: Alfred Coffee and Kitchen

Coffee + chocolate = very good things. 

The hot espresso will start to melt into your coffee and sweeten and flavor it as you drink. You can finish off the coffee-flavored cone when you’re done — or even while you are still drinking your coffee!

half eaten coffee cone

Photo: Alfred Coffee and Kitchen

Finally, edible packaging that looks appetizing! 

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