For days now, my family has been munching on some incredibly fresh, delicious snacks from Tierra Farm. Located in Valatie, NY, Tierra Farm is a manufacturer of USDA-certified organic dry-roasted and raw nuts and seeds, unsulfured dried fruit, granola and trail mixes, and nut butters, as well as Fair Trade coffee and chocolate-covered nut and fruit products.

Tierra Farm sent me a variety of their products to taste test, and my whole family is very pleased with everything we’ve popped in our mouths. The Raw California Almonds, Roasted Tamari Almonds and the Roasted Salted Almonds have been a big hit. The Chocolate Covered Raisins disappeared quickly, and I’ve hid away the Chocolate Covered Almonds all for myself – enjoying a few each day.

Our box also included Unsalted Almond Butter (that I’ve used in place of peanut butter in homemade granola bars), Raw Walnuts, Dry Roasted Sea Salt & Onion Cashews, Roasted Salted Pistachio Meat (one of my favorites of them all), Dried Cranberries, Dried Mango Slices, Trail Mix and Triple Berry Granola. Everything is USDA Organic certified and has made quite satisfying snacks.

The big surprise to my husband and boys was how much they liked the dried mango slices. I was pleased that they tried them and enjoyed them. I think I’ll be introducing them to more dried fruits in the future.

Tierra Farm sent me some information about organic nuts verses non-organic nuts that give some compelling reasons why consumers should choose organic nuts and organic products overall.

  • Organic nuts are healthier than non-organic because they are grown without pesticides and in a more earth-friendly matter.
  • Organic nuts (and other foods) contain more vitamins and have been shown in studies to have more nutrients and cancer-fighting antioxidants than their non-organic counterparts. They are also a rich source of heart-healthy fats and bone-building minerals like calcium and magnesium.
  • Organic nuts are not irradiated, a process that can cause lipid oxidation and degradation. Essentially, irradiation damages the good fats found in nuts. Under organic standards, organic nuts are not allowed to be irradiated.
We were sent a large variety of Tierra Farm products to try, but what we received was only a small portion of what this small, privately-owned, certified organic producer and roasting company offers. Tierra Farm roasts a large selection of nuts, but those with peanut allergies should know that they do not work with peanuts at all and all of their products come from a peanut-free roasting and processing facility.

I was impressed with all of the products that Tierra Farm sent. My family and some of our friends at the Super Bowl celebration I took a few containers of nuts to were impressed, also.

Tierra Farm products can be found at natural food co-ops and independent health food stores. Check their website to locate a store that sell Tierra Farm products. They also sell directly to consumers from the Tierra Farm website

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Tierra Farm organic snacks are fresh and satisfying
The upstate New York company roasts and processes organic nuts, seeds, dried fruit, coffee and more that make for some seriously satisfying snacking.